Using Multiple Screens in App Inventor

It is very common that we have to create multiple screens in our app. How can we jump from one screen to another? Here is a short video tutorial on using multiple screens in App Inventor


How to Add Google Slides Presentations to Your WordPress Website

Adding Google Slides to your WordPress website is a piece of cake. You could use plugins such as Google Doc Embedder and Embed Any Document that enable you to embed and display documents using the Google Docs Viewer. However, it’s just as easy to embed them manually, and you’ll retain control over your presentation. But REMEMBER to share your Google Slides to the PUBLIC.

Adding Google Slides to Your WordPress Website

To kick things off, you’ll need a presentation created on Google Slides. Open it up and navigate to File > Publish to the web. In the Embed tab, select the following:

  1. Slide size. There are three options available by default – small, medium, and large. You’re also given the option to enter custom dimensions.
  2. Auto-advance slides. This enables you to set the slideshow interval duration.

Once you’re done, click the Publish button, then copy the code that appears in the text box:


Next, log into your WordPress admin panel and navigate to Pages > Add New (alternatively, you can navigate to Posts > Add New if you’d like to add your slides to a post). From here, click on the Text tab to open the WordPress editor in HTML mode, then paste the code you copied earlier into the editor:


Once you’re done, click the Preview button in the Publish meta box and take a look. It should look something like this:


You may merge two projects together.

If you work in a group, you can merge the projects together. So that you can have a better division of labour.


Developed by Kate Feeney of Mills College, the AI Merger Tool lets multiple users develop screens for an app in different projects and later merge the screens to produce a single project. This is useful for classroom projects, and to anyone developing an app with a partner.

Related Reading:
Encouraging Collaboration through App Inventor, thesis by Kate Feeney
ABSTRACT: App Inventor is a free, open source application that permits people with any level of programming background to create software applications for the Android operating system. At the time of its open source release, it lacked important resources for supporting collaboration: documentation for source code contributors and technological support for users developing apps in a group environment. To address these issues, I added a property to an existing component and then created detailed documentation about the process for future developers. I also created a tool for merging multiple projects, which will encourage teamwork by allowing multiple users to code separately and then combine their work. These contributions will increase collaboration among users as well as developers of App Inventor.

Download the AI2 Project Merger
This is a zip file that contains the AI2MergerApp.jar file and a ReadMeFirst.txt file

View the AIMerger tool documentation